April 12, 2024

Cell Battle Procedure & Scoring

Cell Battle Procedure & Scoring

During “Cryptic Memories: Cell Battles,” Agents may compete to control specific Cells during specific Septicycles in order to aid their Faction in the Anomaly Series. By placing in the Top-50 within their Faction in the Cell’s final Septicycle score, Agents will earn the Cryptic Memories Anomaly Medal.

The Regional Score of each selected Regional Cell will be measured with the last Checkpoint of the respective Septicycle. Each Faction will earn a proportion of 15 Series Points available for each Regional Cell based on the overall score for the respective Septicycle, rounded to one decimal point.

For more information on Regional Score, please visit this Ingress Help Center article.

Or consult Not Niantic’s post, The Stats Around You Are Not What They Seem.

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