April 12, 2024

Shard Night Procedure & Scoring

Shard Night Procedure & Scoring

During “Cryptic Memories: Shard Nights,” Agents may engage in an hour-long Shard based operations across multiple sites over the coming months. Following the operation, NIASection14 Battle Beacons will enable Agents engaging in these operations locally to earn the Cryptic Memories Anomaly Medal.

These operations will take place at 19:00 Local Time in 39 cities across February and March.

On each Shard Night, 13 cities within a specific region will be active. Each Site will contribute 10 Series Points, split based on Faction performance, to the Series Score. An exception to this is a Shard Night City where no Shards jump. Such Sites will contribute no points.

One week prior to the Shard Night, an Ornamented Portal will manifest within a chosen city, marking the Centerpoint of the operation.

24 hours prior to manifestation of Shards, 13 Portals will become Ornamented, marking locations where Shards are expected to manifest. These Ornaments will be color-coded based on the three (3) Waves in which Shards will manifest.

These Portals will be at most 3km from the Centerpoint, and are likely to be at least 1km away from the Centerpoint.

Shards will manifest in three (3) Waves, and each Wave of Shards will make one Jump before de-manifesting.

Any Shard that is able to travel a Link >= 250m in length will be scored for the Faction that owns the Link the Shard traveled on.

Following their jump opportunity, a Wave’s Shards will de-manifest, and the next Wave’s Shards will manifest.

Once all Shards have manifested, jumped and de-manifested, the Series Score for the Shard Night at this city will be calculated and published. The Site Value of 10 will be divided between the Factions based on the number of Shards scored, rounded to one decimal place.

NIASection14-deployed Battle Beacon will manifest on Portals where a Shard originated or jumped as per the following schedule. Agents who locally interact with one (1) of these Battle Beacons will earn five (5) Points towards the Cryptic Memories Agent Stat, earning them the Cryptic Memories Anomaly Medal. In this context, “locally” means that Remote Recharge will not be counted as ‘interacting’ with a Battle Beacon.

A Shard Night will play out as follows:

  1. 18:57 Local: Battle Beacons Manifest on Wave 1 Shard Origin Portals
  2. 19:00 Local: Wave 1 Shards Manifest (3 Shards)
  3. 19:12 Local: Battle Beacons Manifest on Wave 2 Shard Origin Portals
  4. 19:15 Local: Wave 1 Shards Jump
    19:15 Local: Wave 2 Shards Manifest (4 Shards)
  5. 19:20 Local: Wave 1 Shards De-manifest
  6. 19:27 Local: Battle Beacons Manifest on Wave 3 Shard Origin Portals
  7. 19:30 Local: Wave 2 Shards Jump
    19:30 Local: Wave 3 Shard Manifest (6 Shards)
  8. 19:35 Local: Wave 2 Shards De-manifest
  9. 19:45 Local: Wave 3 Shards Jump
  10. 19:50 Local: Wave 3 Shards De-manifest
  11. 20:00 Local: Battle Beacons Manifest on all Shard Origin and Destination Portals

Shard visuals and behaviors will match those of Anomaly Sites.

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