June 16, 2024

Event Dates Announced: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Niantic published the first half event schedule for 2020. On each of two dates, February 29 and April 25, 15 cities around the world will host Hexathlon events. Niantic has said they will reveal the exact locations in the next week. Meanwhile, they have announced a single anomaly, May 9, to be held in Munich.

I, for one, have begun learning German, with the hope of being able to order myself a beer. Who else will be joining? 

2 thoughts on “Event Dates Announced: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  1. With only one anomaly, this time in Europe, does that mean the next one will only be in the USA and then only in Asia?
    Visiting all anomalies will be even more expensive than ever before. Or recharge rooms even heavier loaded than ever. Will people on the ground even be able to bring 1 portal down?

  2. I have no special insight, but I am hopeful we will see a return to satellite anomalies in the second half of 2020. I really think the Osiris Sequence was a great balance, with 3 rounds of traditional anomalies, and then a series finale that took place in 1 mega-site on each continent on separate weekends. But it was also very expensive for Niantic to execute, so they are clearly trying to find a better balance for their resources.

    As far as recharge rooms, a saving grace there is recharge range won't allow people in Asia or the Americas to recharge for Europe. And there are hints about other offsite participation options. Whether that will be deciphering like Umbra, connected cells like several series of the past, or something else completely new will be interesting to see.

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