February 29, 2024

Announcing NotNiantic’s Shard Photo Contest

Washington Monument, global target for Shonin shards (2015)

Avenir shards are almost upon us, and if there’s one thing that shards tend to generate more of than sleepless nights, it’s photographable moments. Whether it’s that beautiful landscape when you go out for early morning clearing, the group of agents assembled at a target, or that celebratory beverage with your team, we want to see your pictures.

Step 1: Take a photo while helping to move Avenir shards. 

Step 2: Post the photo somewhere public. Instagram, Twitter, flickr, your personal website, Myspace, Geocities, whatever. Please make sure you have permission from anyone identifiable in the picture to post it.

Step 3: Fill out this form with a link the photo and a description to enter it in the contest.

Step 4: Come back here to see the entries and vote for the best photo. Entries will be accepted now through October 5 (5 days after shards end, to give you time to recover from all the excitement and get your photos in). Depending on how many submissions come in, we may do several rounds rounds of voting on this website to determine an ultimate winner of a 2017 Hank Johnson Character Card and a Very Rare Loadout Card (electronic or mail delivery at winner’s option).

We reserve the right to exclude photos/descriptions that are offensive, harassing, disparaging, or otherwise not in the spirit of the contest.

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