June 16, 2024

ShARRRd Day 2: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so what better day for the Explorer ShARRRd to sail around the coast of Florida. Agents linked shARRRd #2 down the Atlantic and into the Gulf of Mexico. There was some excitement as the shard left Florida and there was a chance it could backtrack, but it was fair winds and following seas all the way to Galveston. After a full day at sea, it’s time for the shARRRd to say “Land ho!” and begin its over-land passage to the tARRRget portal. 

Remember to follow the shard progress on our own Shard Tracking Map. And more importantly, don’t forget if you have pictures from this event, you can enter them in our Shard Photo Contest for a chance to win a VR loadout card and a character code.

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