July 15, 2024

Shardnanigans Day 3: The Magnificent Seven

The Dreamer, Spiritualist, Interpreter, and Visionary shards have joined up with Explorer, Omniscient, and Listener, so now we have 7 shards in play.

Since yesterday, Explorer has made its way across land and is lined up to score at The Beacon of Hope in Oklahoma City at the next jump. Listener has also traveled quite a distance, and though it remains more than 2000km from its nearest target in Taiwan, it too could score in the next 24 hours. Omniscient remains in Romania for the time being, but all eyes are now turning toward the new shards.

Dreamer has landed in Mexico City, just 1790km from the Beacon of Hope. Dreamer in Mexico, the Beacon of Hope in the United States, the border wall jokes almost write themselves, but we’ll leave the politics out of it and just say that this shard is going to have a lot of obstacles to overcome to make it to its target but we’re sure it will find a way.

Spiritualist is hanging out “On the Way to the Amazon” in Ecuador, 3577km from the Uruaguayan target, or 4430km from Beacon of Hope. Which way will it travel? Uraguay is closer, but the water route north may be easier. We’ll have to stay tuned to see.

Interpreter spawned in Millennium Square in Leeds, UK. With the UK still part of the EU at least through the end of October, this shard should have no trouble at the border to get to the target in Milan a mere 1205km away. However, European crowds and language barriers may make this journey a bit more complex than it should be. Will the British agents decide to send the shard across the Atlantic and on to Oklahoma City? Probably not, but you never know.

Finally, Visionary spawned in a Weird Thing In The Ground in Melbourne, Australia. This shard will have the farthest to travel, it is 7239km from the nearest target in Taiwan, plus it has to contend with Australia, where everything wants to kill you. Will this shard also find its way to Oklahoma City? Almost certainly not, but we are amused by the idea.

Follow progress on our map, or Niantic’s map, or just watch Intel.

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