June 16, 2024

Avenir Shard By Shard Recap

Avenir shards have come to a close, and as always, each shard is a story unto itself.  Nearly all of these shards involved significant international coordination, and most of them had very close cross-faction cooperation to ensure a successful shard score. Some shards quickly moved to their nearest target, while others took more creative routes around the globe.

Rule summary: Avenir shards moved every 5 hours along links between portals that were a minimum of level 4. There were 4 targets spawned on September 17, 2019 along with the first 3 of 13 total shards. The remaining shards spawned in three additional waves, on September 20, 24, and 27. The final jump was on September 30. The goal of this event was to score as many shards as possible, without regard to which faction scored the shard. Targets were not assigned to a faction as in previous shard games. Full rules in this post.

Rewards/Punishment: Had no shards scored, agents would have seen a 75% increase in portal decay
rate from October 3-October 10. Had 1-6 shards scored, it would have been a 50% increase in portal decay rate. With 7-9 shards scored, agents unlocked the Avenir badge to be awarded to all agents who hacked at least 1 portal during the shard period. With 10-12 shards, agents obtained a 50% reduction in portal decay rate between October 3-October 10, as well as an increase in the prevalence of ADA Refactor and Jarvis Viruses in portal hacks. Had agents managed to score all 13 shards, the portal decay rate would have dropped by 75% and the Aegis shield prevalence also would have increased.

In the end, 12 shards scored, and 1 remained unscored.

So here is what happened with each shard:


Shard #1, Catalyst

Spawned: Wave 4 @ Teachers Fountain, Portland, Oregon, USA
Scored: Jump 56 @ The Beacon of Hope, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Distance Traveled (net): 2390 km
Claim to Fame: Fastest to score (4 jumps)

Shard #2, Explorer


Spawned: Wave 1 @ Cities Change Over Time, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Scored: Jump 15 @ The Beacon of Hope, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Distance Traveled (net): 2023 km
Claim to Fame: First shard to score, established “Oklahoma Shardway” by which shards were moved via Florida, through the Gulf of Mexico to Galveston, TX, and on to Oklahoma City.
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]


Shard #3, Dreamer

Spawned: Wave 2 @ estatua en alameda central, Mexico City, Mexico

Scored: Jump 21 @ The Beacon of Hope, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA  
Distance Traveled (net): 1791 km
Claim to Fame: Second shard to score overall, second-fastest international move
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]


Shard #4, Alchemist

Spawned: Wave 3 @ Pupiliera, Salvador, Brazil
Scored: Jump 46 @ Plaza Uruguaya, Asunción, Paraguay
Distance Traveled (net): 2425 km
Claim to Fame: The element of suprise. To onlookers, it seemed like this shard wasn’t doing anything. It had remained on one portal for more than a day, after having not moved very far at all, until agents were treated to seeing it less than 1km from the target.
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]


Shard #5, Spiritualist

Spawned: Wave 2 @ On the way to the Amazon, Quito, Ecuador
Scored: Jump 22  @ Plaza Uruguaya, Asunción, Paraguay
Distance Traveled (net): 3577 km
Claim to Fame: The first shard scored in Paraguay, and the first time we saw a near direct jump to target.
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]


Shard #6, Omniscient

Spawned: Wave 1, Flowers Slide, Bucharest, Romania
Scored: Jump 48, The Beacon of Hope, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Distance Traveled (net): 9471 km
Claim to Fame: After sitting in Bucharest for 32 jump windows, 12 on the same portal, onlooking agents around the world had given up hope. “Bucharrested” had become a punchline, a telegram bot was set up to answer the question “Is Bucharest Shard Scored Yet?” And then, amazingly, it got moved to Italy. Thinking the Milan target was about to get a shard, agents got excited, only to see the shard route through Africa (the only shard to touch Africa), then across the Atlantic to score in Oklahoma City. This was a fun one to watch.
Gloabl Sitrep: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/5035/shard-6-omniscient-incredere-global-sitrep/p1?new=1


Shard #7, Interpreter

Spawned: Wave 2, Millennium Square, Leeds, England, United Kingdom
Scored: Jump 27, The Beacon of Hope, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Distance Traveled (net): 7257 km
Claim to Fame: First shard to cross the Atlantic Ocean, helping to coin the phrase “Oklahoma Shardway.”


Shard #8, Trickster

Spawned: Wave 3 @ Головний Поштамт Украïни, Kiev, Ukraine
Scored: no

Distance Traveled (net): 431 km
Claim to Fame: Only shard not to score, only shard to be reverted due to spoofer interference.
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]

Shard #9, Skeptic

Spawned: Wave 4 @ Estacion de muestreo, Madrid, Spain
Scored: Jump 62, The Beacon of Hope, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA 
Distance Traveled (net): 7832 km
Claim to Fame: This shard backtracked on the one link in its path that could not readily be removed, making it score on the last possible jump window. 
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]

Shard #10, Listener

Spawned: Wave 1, 安春川, Sapporo, Japan
Scored: Jump 27, 南紡夢時代-蜜蜂小鼠, Tainan City, Taiwan
Distance Traveled (net): 2961 km
Claim to Fame: First shard to score in Taiwan
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]


Shard #11, Visionary

Spawned: Wave 2, Weird Thing in the Ground, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Scored: Jump 34 @ Plaza Uruguaya, Asunción, Paraguay
Distance Traveled (net): 12612 km
Claim to Fame: Only shard to traverse the Pacific Ocean, longest net distance between spawn and score.
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]


Shard #12, Humanist

Spawned: Mesopotamia Memorial, Bangalore, India
Scored: Jump 48, 南紡夢時代-蜜蜂小鼠, Tainan City, Taiwan
Distance Traveled (net): 4626 km
Claim to Fame: Controversy regarding blocking link that was cleared by a “malicious actor” and subsequent scoring, following a breakdown in cross-faction cooperation in moving the shard. Niantic clarified that this shard score will count in a post on the community forum.


Shard #13, Patron

Spawned:Thai Boxing Art, Bangkok, Thailand
Scored: Jump 53, 南紡夢時代-蜜蜂小鼠, Tainan City, Taiwan
Distance Traveled (net): 2312 km
Claim to Fame: Fastest score in Asia, second fastest score overall.
Sitrep: [Awaiting Link]

*Note: This post will be updated as more sitreps become available.

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