July 15, 2024

Quick Hacks – September 26, 2019

This is the first of what I expect to become a new recurring feature at Not Niantic Labs called “Quick Hacks.” Quick Hacks will be a round-up of Ingress news that may not inspire a full-fledged article on this site, but may interest readers anyway.

  • The Ingress YouTube channel will be hosting another character broadcast today, this time featuring Victoria Kureze at 1700UTC (1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific). This is another one of the characters in the anomalous bubble. She’s expected to talk about the board game / “tessellation” that Hank Johnson talked about in his last broadcast.
  • Anomalies
    • Anomalies are coming up on October 12 in nine cities around the world. In APAC we have: Newcastle, NSW, Australia, Sabah, Malaysia, and Taoyuan City, Taiwan. In Europe the cities will be: Antwerp, Belgium, Dresden, Germany, and Gothenberg, Sweden. And in the Americas your options are Brooklyn, NY, Sacramento, CA, and Guadalajara, Mexico. 
    • Don’t forget to register in scanner for your badge and with your faction to get put on a team and to find out more information about rules, strategy, parties, swag, and more. 
    • The Portal Hunter Club will be hosting a live broadcast of the anomalies in the Americas on YouTube and yours truly will be in Brooklyn providing on-the-ground commentary and interviews. If you can’t make it to a site or participate remotely, make sure to tune in to see how the day unfolds
  • Mini shard update: 
    • With 19 jumps to go, 6 shards have scored, 4 are active, and 3 more have yet to spawn.
    • Shard #6 (the one that sat in Bucharest for a long time before finally escaping to Italy in its 34th jump window) took an unexpected turn after landing in Italy. Rather than continuing on to the target in Milan, it was shipped via Ghana to the Azores where it is enjoying the island lifestyle for a bit. After it is done relaxing we can expect to see it hop across the Atlantic to the Americas – whether it’s bound for Oklahoma City or Asuncion, Paraguay is not yet certain.
    • Shard #8, which spawned in Kiev, was routed via Chernobyl, earning it the nickname Shardzilla. It was shipped from there to a factory in Belarus. Some are speculating it may never leave the former soviet republic, but we aren’t giving up hope that Shardzilla will resume its rampage and find a target.
    • As we predicted in the last full update, Shard #11 made it to the target in Asuncion.
    • Please remember to submit your photos for our photo contest. We will be giving away a Very Rare Loadout card and a character card to the winner.
  • Ingress Prime 2.32.2 was released. The release notes are far less prolific than last time, but it includes a few bugfixes. This is said to be the last release before Scanner [Redacted] is retired on Monday.

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