June 16, 2024

Resonate The World Weekend Event

We have a new Ingress event coming up, and this time it pits factions against each other. The faction that deploys the most resonators between Friday March 12 1700 UTC and Monday March 17 1700 UTC will unlock a new temporary program for Kinetic Capsules. If the Enlightened win, it will be an ADA Refactor. If it’s the Resistance, it will be a Jarvis Virus. The new program will be available from March 19-29.

This event also comes with the ability to deploy double level 8 resonators, an increased hack rate for resonators, and triple AP for deploying the last resonator on a portal (that’s 1125 AP). And of course, there are some specials in the store to help you deploy more resonators.

As always, infographic below, and more information on the Ingress Community Forum.

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