June 16, 2024

Aurora is very disappointed in you

Aurora asked you to do one simple task – gain 36 million points by glyph hacking portals around the world. But just like the dishes you left in the sink and that homework that you kept saying you’d finish, you slacked off. Aurora isn’t mad, but they are shaking their heads in disappointment.

To help you learn to be more responsible, Aurora is reducing the benefits from glyphing for the next 8 days.  They hope this will lead you to better appreciate the value of glyphing in the future. If you don’t learn to respect global challenges in the future, Aurora may take away your phone next time.

<real info>
Starting at 5PM UTC (that’s 10AM in California, 1PM in New York) on August 27 and lasting until the same time on September 4, glyph hack output will be reduced by 33%.
</real info>

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