June 16, 2024

Niantic Opens Up New Field Art Possibilities

Agents looking to make beautiful field art have long been constrained by some of Ingress’s key linking principles. Links can’t cross other links. Fields can’t intersect other fields. Blue and green fields can’t both be thrown from the same portals. Agents wishing to make stunning cross-faction field art needed to get very creative, finding pairs of portals extremely close to each other, making creative use of null fields, and other such difficult techniques to create the images they wanted.

But as of last night, Niantic has given agents a new tool for field art – once thrown, a field will continue to appear on Intel, even after the field is taken down in scanner. Now agents can get even more creative with shapes and shading. Unfortunately, there is no way to erase a bad link from the Intel Map, even when using an ADA Refactor or Jarvis Virus, so be careful.

There are multiple threads on the community forum with agents discussing this new feature. No response from Niantic yet on when agents can expect to see a resolution.

EDIT: As of late Friday Evening, the Intel map issues have been resolved.

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