April 12, 2024

The Real Umbra Deploy Challenge

As soon as the badge tiers for the Umbra Deploy Challenge were announced, agents began talking about how easy it would be to get the badge. At only 15 fully deploys for bronze, 75 for silver, 180 for gold, this seemed like a simple goal for agents. Niantic must have heard this complaint, as they injected curveballs into the challenge.

As the challenge first went live, agents first noticed that something wasn’t right with deploys. Not only could agents not immediately deploy the second level 8 and 7 resonators promised as a benefit of the challenge, but agents couldn’t deploy level 1 resonators either:

Things began to return to normal for a bit, but then agents around the world started reporting issues with loading the scanner. Many experienced extreme lag, some couldn’t get in at all, and yet others were being prompted to take the tutorial again (notice the nice touch of the recursion wings as this agent is being prompted to learn the game.

Agents who could get the game to (partially) load were greeted by messages like this one, telling a high-level agent they had an insufficient access level to fire level 1 bursters.

And now once again nearly 24-hours into the challenge agents are being greeted by extreme lag. One agent asked if this is what the new Prime interface is supposed to look like. We suppose this does mitigate some complaints about the flashing and flame effects.

Anyway, despite these challenges, agents are starting to get the badges, so congratulations to those of you who have them, and good luck to those who are still at it. Nobody said this was supposed to be easy.

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