May 18, 2024

7 Days of Year 7 Memories – Day 2: Dark XM

For day 2 of the year-7 giveaways, Niantic is giving away a resonator nano pack. Our day-2 memory goes back to a time when we needed to use those resonators – Dark XM. 

Dark XM was the first of several big cross-faction special events in year 7. Dark XM appeared, the portal decay rate increased, and agents around the world were asked to capture at least 400,000 neutral portals in a 5-day period, or else the increased decay would continue.  Before Not Niantic was born, the agent behind this site seeded social media with graphics designed to inspire action to prevent Thanos Dark XM from bringing mass extinction to the portal network:

Dark XM also came with an individual challenge. Agents were to be rewarded for making links of a cumulative length of 5km, 50km, or 250km. We made an infographic for that as well, which was translated into at least 10 languages and localized for several more time zones by an amazing international team of agents.


As Niantic began to reveal status reports on Twitter, there was some concern that the target may not be met. Both factions agents were encouraged to go out and capture portals, and not to neutralize portals if they weren’t going to be able to capture it for their own faction.

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