June 16, 2024

RedSoloCup Retiring – What’s Next?

Ingress Global Community Manager Andrew Krug, known in game as agent RedSoloCup is retiring today. There are at least two threads on the community forums chock full of fond remembrances of agents’ interactions with him throughout the years as well as reminders of some of the things that wouldn’t exist in the game without his presence, including Vanguards, AMAs, Trusted Reporters, and many more.

We could write a sappy post about how Andrew has impacted our Ingress careers. Like how when yours truly was a brand new agent at their first Ingress xfac gathering, he handed out his biocards, which would be our first ever pieces of Ingress swag. 

We could also point out that this site would not exist were it not for RedSoloCup making a joke on the Ingress Community Forum about how the agent who was taunting him about participation in the Aurora Glyph Challenge would be taking over the Community Manager duties.

We could also reminisce about various times our paths have crossed, at anomalies, at Navarro, at Mission Days, and more. And the fact that a there was a Niantic employee who was so willing to put himself out there and interact with agents at these kinds of events, especially when not all of us are the most grateful or gracious people at times, is certainly worth reminiscing about.

But we’re not going to do any of that, because this site is all about wild speculation and unfounded rumors.  So here it is, our predictions for Andrew Krug’s Next Job:

Instagram Beard Model/Influencer – you’ve seen it in all kinds of lengths and colors, but you’ve never seen him without the beard, have you? Why would a model shave off his most precious asset? We think this is the most likely career move for him.

Lasagna Reviewer – newspapers around the world are trying to reinvent themselves, focusing on hyper-local and specialty content to prove their value. What better way to do this than for the Washington Post to name Andrew Krug as their latest member of the food writing staff. Move over Tom Sietsema, Andrew Krug is the new game in town, focusing solely on the most important question: is the restaurant’s lasagna better than his mothers? Spoiler alert: no.

Barista – we know Andrew needs his morning coffee, and what better way to ensure it’s always there than to work in a coffee shop? Next time you are ordering your double tall nonfat soy gingerbread latte, look up to see who is making it.

Shortstop – only 46 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. This could be the reason for the timing of Andrew’s departure from Niantic – he needs some time to get into playing form before spring training starts.

What else could Andrew be up to?

One thought on “RedSoloCup Retiring – What’s Next?

  1. It's for sure he's not going to work for an investors company….
    I really really really hope he moves to a passioned job.
    If any company needs a community manager, he's on top of the list. All expenses paid….

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