April 12, 2024

Tidying Up Your Ingress Inventory

As we enter the final month before an XM anomaly, agents around the world are looking at their inventories with fresh eyes. Team leads are sharing recommended gear loads with ground agents, and months or years worth of accumulated keys and mods are tucked away in capsules and key lockers.  You don’t want to be that person who shows up to the anomaly with 1800 keys and no bursters.

So NotNianticLabs offers these inventory tidying tips, inspired by Marie Kondo.

1. Discard Everything First

Before you go out and start farming gear for the anomaly, and even before you start organizing your Aegis shields and flip cards into capsules for safe storage, you must first discard the items you don’t need.

2. Tidy by Category

Don’t go through capsule-by-capsule. You likely have keys, ADAs, Jarvis viruses, Softbank Ultra Links and VR hack mods tucked away in several capsules as well as alive in your inventory. Unload all of those capsules and key lockers and take a look at a category as a whole.

3. Tidy all at once

Don’t spread out the tidying over several days. If you start with your mods, then move on to your weapons, then to your keys, it will be time to clear mods all over again. Give yourself a completely decluttered inventory all at once.

 4. “Does this item spark joy?”
Hold that souvenir key, look at the picture, think of the reason you have it. If it sparks joy, then you should keep it. If not, you know what to do. Repeat this for all of the gear you are saving up for a rainy day. Your ultrastrikes, your mods, your power cubes, your resonators….

And finally, when you get down to your bursters, go ahead and use those to “spark joy” over your opponents’ portals.

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