May 18, 2024

Alliance of the Fanguards

Niantic just announced the newest members of the Alliance of the Vanguards. These agents will dutifully watch to make sure the van doesn’t get stolen or something (I assume, I have no clue what Vanguards do because I don’t read anything this long). But given that there were thousands of applications and only a tiny number picked, there are probably a lot of disappointed agents out there.

Never fear, Not Niantic Labs is always happy to pick up the snark, er slack. We are thrilled to to announce a new program, the Alliance of The Fanguards. These intrepid agents will keep debris (or fingers) from getting caught in fan blades. Fanguards can also choose to display their status anywhere they want, or not, totally your call.  Fanguards won’t have any special privileges, access to beta software, or receive a coin or anything of value. If I get my act together I might send you a sticker or something.

So apply now to be a Fanguard.  The best responses may be highlighted on this blog, where best is solely determined by me, and criteria may vary depending on my mood at the moment I’m reading the response. I will strive to have wide representation across geography and faction, but really I’m just going to go with whatever I think is funniest.

Good luck, agents.

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