June 16, 2024

Ingress In/Out of 2020

The New Year is a great time to stop and make predictions for how the coming year is going to be different from the last. Our predictions, wishes, and random speculation for how 2020 will be different from 2019, in a convenient list:

Out: Toast, In: Bacon

2019 gave us toast messages, toast beacons, and toast avatars. Here’s hoping 2020 will give us a carb-free option.

Out: RedSoloCup, In: RedReusableCup

Yes, our beloved Global Community Manager has stepped down, but the bright side of this is that Greta Thurnberg will be much happier without all that single-use plastic in our lives. 

Out: Anomalies, In: Hexathlon

Yes, there will be at least one anomaly in 2020, but the event schedule shows there will be at least 30 Hexathlons. If the 2020 Hexathlons look anything like the first Hexathlons in September 2019, we’ll see a lot more emphasis on individual competition and less of the team vs team dynamic. While many agents are leery of this change, this format is a lot more dynamic and movement-focused.

Out: Tessellation, In: Decoding

This one may be a bit controversial, since they both are still ongoing and there’s a nebulous prize for the winning faction in the Tessellation, but the new decoding challenge is proving to get a lot more Ingress agents involved in a different part of the game. We’ve seen 4 of the 13 expected decoding challenges so far, and the ranking is based on your best 8 solves, so there is still time to secure a spot at the top of the leaderboard.

Out: Circle K, Lawson Cubes, In: Hypercubes

No more blue Lawson Cubes or Red Circle-K Cubes, we now get Pink Hypercubes. This change happened in the last 2 weeks of 2019, so now our XM energy reserves can be refilled in 4 dimensions.

Out: Harry Potter, In: Settlers of Catan

I’ve been really enjoying Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as my second game of choice recently – the events are quite fun and engaging, but my anticipation for Catan World Explorers is building. Since there are only but so many hours in the day, it’s likely that Catan will bump Harry Potter out of my regular life, just as Harry Potter bumped Pokemon Go out earlier this year.  

Out: …, In: It’s Time To Move

Ok, so this has always been Ingress’s motto, but it’s also great New Year’s Resolution.

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