April 12, 2024

Shardnado Weekend Recap

The shards kept moving through the weekend, and for those of you who didn’t wake up every 5 hours to find out what happened, here’s your recap.

Four more shards scored:

  •  #3 (Dreamer, aka Nezahualcóyotl): To nobody’s surprise, the Dreamer shard that spawned in Mexico City quickly found its way to Oklahoma City in just 7 jumps. Cross-faction teams in Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma kept that shard moving and made things look easy.
  • #5 (Spiritualist): When this shard spawned in Ecuador, it looked like it was going to be a challenge. A ton of links clogged the path to the target in Paraguay, and we predicted they may take the relatively clearer path north to land in Oklahoma City. But no, they one-hopped that shard directly from Ecuador to Paraguay, landing it just across the plaza from the target through a narrow lane the agents expertly carved through multiple countries. 
  • #7 (Interpreter): This shard, which spawned in Leeds, UK, had two options – remain in Europe and head toward Milan, or leave and head towards the United States. The shard chose to Brexit, and away it went. Through Ireland, Canada, and Bermuda, Interpreter made its way to the United States where it followed the path established by the first shard to score and made it through Galveston and on to Oklahoma City. 
  • #10 (Listener):  Listener spawned with the first set of shards in Sapporo, Japan on Hokkaido, Japan’s second largest island. The shard took a tour of several of Japan’s smaller islands, Ogasawara, Amami, and Miyako, before landing in Dongyin, a tiny island that is part of the Republic of Chian (Taiwan). Agents watching around the world feared the worst as the shard spent several jumps on that small island, but watched with glee as Listener landed on the target in Kaohsiung City with its 27th jump.
Two shards are still on the map:
  • #11 (Visionary): This shard had the longest to go from its initial spawn in Melbourne, Australia to any of the targets. It was closest to Taiwan in straight-line distance, but the direct path was incredibly cluttered. Agents began moving the shard to the coast and quickly moved it across the Tasman sea to New Zealand. A couple of jumps later, and it was positioned at Castlepoint Lighthouse on the east coast of New Zealand. With this shard’s 13th jump, it shot halfway across the pacific to Easter Island, 6811km – extremely close to Ingress’s maximum link distance, 6881.2km. It now sits 5134km away from the target in Paraguay, where it is apparently headed. 
  • #6 (Omniscient): As of the 27th jump window, this shard is still in Bucharest. There are conflicting reports as to whether there is a plan to move the shard to Milan still in the works, or whether it will remain in Bucharest for the duration. But as we saw with Spiritualist, sometimes big things can happen quickly. We’ll keep an eye on it.
Three more shards are set to spawn on Tuesday, September 24. As with last time, Niantic has not said exactly when to expect those shards to appear, but a good bet would be shortly after one of the two jump times that occur during Niantic’s business hours – either 11AM Pacific (1800 UTC) or 4PM pacific (2300 UTC). 
Remember, you can follow the shards on our own shard tracker. Jump times are also posted on every page (on mobile you may have to tap the ‘hamburger’ menu to see them). And don’t forget to share your photos and enter them in our photo contest if you help out with shards in any way.

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