May 18, 2024

Shardmageddon Second Half

We’ve just passed the halfway point in the shard game, with about 6 days left to get the shards scored. Since our last post on Monday morning (US time), a few things have happened:

  1. Shard #11, which spawned in Melbourne, Australia, has made its way to Bolivia, and looks likely to make it to the target in Paraguay soon. This has been an incredible series of xfac moves, with one faction railing for the other faction’s move nearly every step of the way. 
  2. Shard #6, which had been struggling to make it out of Bucharest since shards originally spawned last week, has jumped 175km toward the target in Milan. It still has a long way to go, but as we’ve seen in this game a bunch so far, things can happen quite quickly once they get moving. 
  3. Three new shards have spawned – #4 (Alchemist) in Salvador, Brazil, #8 (Trickster) in Kiev, Ukraine, and #12 (Humanist) in Bangalore, India. We’ll keep tracking these on our shard tracking map as they get moving.
As a reminder, agents globally need to score 7 shards to unlock the Avenir badge and avoid accelerated portal decay. If agents score 10 or more shards, for a limited time portal decay will slow down and the drop rates of flipcards (Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor) will increase. If agents score all 13 shards, portal decay will slow down further, and the drop rates of Aegis shields will also increase.  
So here’s a look at where the shards spawned so far:
  1. [unspawned]
  2. AMER: US East Coast
  3. AMER: Mexico
  4. AMER: Brazil
  5. AMER: Ecuador
  6. EMEA: Romania
  7. EMEA: UK
  8. EMEA: Ukraine
  9. [unspawned]
  10. APAC: Japan
  11. APAC: Australia
  12. APAC: India
  13. [unspawned]

Feel free to comment with your guesses as to where the last 3 will spawn.

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