June 16, 2024

Shardzilla: Score All Shards

Well here we are, in the shard home stretch.  All the shards are now visible on the map and we have until Monday to get them to targets. Since the last full update, four shards have scored.

  • Shard #11, which was well on its way from Australia to Paraguay by the last update found its goal almost immediately, in beautiful cross-factional fashion.
  • Shard #6, which had seemed to be stalled in Romania for the first 32 jumps, made it to Italy, took an unexpected turn into Ghana, then traveled across the Atlantic via the Azores and has finally made it to Oklahoma City as of Jump 47.
  • Shard #4, which spawned in Salvador, Brazil looked to be stuck, until all of a sudden it was linked all the way to Asuncion in a single leap. Like all three of the shards that have landed on that target so far, it was first linked to a portal a few hundred meters away from the target, before coming in for its final landing.
  • Shard #12, Humanist, looked like it may have enjoyed some tropical drinks. It went from India to Sri Lanka to the Maldives, back to Sri Lanka, back to the Maldives, then over to Indonesia. But it picked up steam and shot straight to the target in Taiwan. 
This leaves one shard remaining from the last wave:
  • Shard #8, the Trickster shard, which spawned in Kiev passed through Chernobyl (earning it the nickname Shardzilla) before getting parked in a factory in Minsk. At the September 27 1600UTC jump, the shard appeared to escape the facility, however because the action was confirmed to be the result of spoofing, the shard was moved back and the portal was neutralized. Will Shardzilla remain on that portal for the duration, or do local agents have some tricks up their sleeves to liberate the Trickster shard (without cheating)? Time will tell.  
And that brings us to the three newest shards:
These shards will have 13 jumps to make it to their targets. This feat has been accomplished by 4 shards so far (#3, #4, #5, and #7), and agents have the weekend to help make this happen. A reminder below of what’s at stake:

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