June 16, 2024

Quick Hacks – October 2, 2019

We are continuing with the “quick hacks” feature to periodically bring you Ingress news updates you may have missed.

First First Saturday with only Ingress Prime. This Saturday, October 5 is the first Saturday of October. Find one near you at Niantic’s events page or at FevGames. It’s your monthly opportunity for sanctioned win-trading, plus you will earn double AP, credit for the IngressFS badge, hang out with other agents, and possibly win prizes. 

Niantic will not have embedded reporters for Umbra, but Not Niantic will be a not-embedded reporter. Actual Ingress GCM Andrew Krug revealed in a chat that there will not be Embedded Reporters for the Umbra anomaly. But don’t forget that you can watch unofficial coverage of the Umbra anomalies in the Americas on the Portal Hunter Club YouTube channel. Your “Not Niantic” author will be the on-the-ground correspondent in Brooklyn, while other people who also are not Niantic employees will be providing updates from the studio. You can also follow the NotNianticLabs twitter account, which may have some additional content.

Avenir rewards start tomorrow. The Avenir badge will roll out tomorrow, Thursday October 3. The rewards for scoring 12/13 shards will run from 5PM UTC (1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific) Thurs October 3rd – 5PM UTC Thurs October 10th.During this time, the ADA Refactor/Jarvis Virus hack rate will be increased 1.5x and the Portal decay rate will decrease by 50%.
Anomaly rules are out. The rules should be mostly familiar to those who have attended anomalies recently, with portal control, longest link path, and unique portal hacks, but there’s a brand new Deciphering Challenge to look forward to.
Avenir Photo Contest. Don’t forget to enter your photos in our shard photo contest for a chance to win a Very Rare loadout card and a 2017 Hank Johnson Character Card. More details here, or just fill out the form to apply. We’ll keep the form open until next Monday (1 week after shards ended). 

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