April 12, 2024

F**k Cancer, Swag for a Cause

We don’t usually push swag, but this is for a really good cause, and it’s a really cool coin.

Wish you could do more for breast cancer survivors/patients and love Ingress swag too? Well the #PinkFaction Spinner coin by agent and Ingress Vanguard VanJeffery is perfect for you! Featuring field art of a pink ribbon and a heart on the reverse on the spinner portion, and Ingress logos and glyphs on the other ring. All funds from these coins will go towards supporting a breast cancer research and support charity for young women, Shocking Pink.

Taoyuan Umbra Anomaly Pickup via MandoMerc
US/Canadian orders via ModularModular
European Orders via IRFN
Will also be available at Umbra Newcastle from VanJeffery

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