April 12, 2024

Quick Hacks – October 24, 2019

Here’s our quick take on some of the latest updates in the Ingress universe:

  • Double Trouble In The Anomalous Bubble: Today at 1700 UTC (1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific) there will be a livestream on the Ingress YouTube channel in which characters Carrie Campbell and Enoch Dalby reveal the positions of six tesserae on the Tessellation board and answer additional questions. Currently the tessellation score is ENL: 7, RES: 4, NEMESIS: 30, with 6-12 points to be allocated today, and many more to come over the next 5+ months.
  • Answer Me Something: The answers to Ingress GCM Andrew Krug’s October AMA are available. Since the actual GCM is unwilling to answer the most pressing question, which wine pairs best with his mother’s lasagna, I will talk about the not Ingress GCM’s mother’s lasagna. For this, the most convenient and economic choice would be none other than two-buck chuck, but while I may be willing to cheap out on the lasagna I never cheap out on wine. Lasagna always demands a wine that at least includes sangiovese, whether it be a good Chianti, a super Tuscan, or a California wine containing a mix of sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon. You can, of course, drink whatever wine (or not drink any wine) with lasagna that you wish, but you’d be wrong.
  • Credit Where Credit Is Due: Due to issues on the day of the Umbra anomaly, Niantic will distribute a 32,000 CMU credit for the in-game store to all paid anomaly participants (on-site or off-site), and additionally agents may request a refund of their purchase price through November 30. The character badges that were made available as part of the Umbra anomaly will be in the Ingress store until October 31
  • Good Scanner Update to Come To Those Who Wait: You’re not imagining things, it has been a while since the last scanner update, and it will be a bit longer. Beta testing revealed some bugs in version 2.34 of the scanner, so they will skip that update and 2.35 will be the next public release. In announcing this delay, Niantic revealed that 2.35 may finally address the frustrating speed-lock behavior when the app is backgrounded.

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