May 18, 2024

7 Days of Year 7 Memories – Day 4: Myriad Hack Challenge

Today’s giveaway is a set of 3 Lawson Power Cubes. Today’s memory goes back to a time when agents hacked so much they needed XM just to keep going – the Myriad Hack Challenge.

From July 11 to July 22, agents were asked hack lots of unique portals to defeat Nemesis. Veteran agents will remember a prior global hack challenge in 2016 connected to Via Lux. In that challenge, agents had to hack portals that were all-time unique to the agents (not just unique during the event). This version was much more straightforward, as agents only had to hack distinct portals during the event, not find entirely new areas to visit (though of course, many agents did visit new areas as part of this event).

As with Dark XM, there were individual badges for accomplishing goals, as well as global rewards for hitting a global target of 13 million unique hacks. In this event, agents handily beat the global target, racking up a whopping 29 million unique hacks. Myriad never had a chance.

What are some of your memories from Myriad?

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