May 18, 2024

Tessellation Round 5 Recap

As a service to our readers who may not be following every in and out of the Tessellation closely, NotNianticLabs is proud to present this recap of round 5 of Ingress’s 6-month long Tessellation event. If you’re having trouble following this event, you’re not alone. It’s long, it’s tied up in game lore, and it doesn’t directly impact your daily play. If you’re the kind of agent who is very into the blue vs. green fight, but not interested in who all those figures with bags over their heads are or who all those researches are, we’re going to cut through all of that lore stuff and just cover the facts and outcome. If you want to know more about the Tessellation itself, read our Primer.   Let us know if you like the recap, and we’ll keep doing them each round. We might even do some retro-recaps for rounds 1-4.

Going into Round 5, the score was:

NEM 044ENL 039RES 035

Round 5 had 12 Tesserae released between December 5 and December 29. This is both the largest and longest round to date in the Tessellation.

Factions get points in two ways, discovery and placement.

For discovery, the faction that obtains each tessera and posts a screenshot in the relevant thread in the forums gets credit. Ordinarily discovery is worth 1 point, but can be worth more in the case of live drops or other special cases. In this round, the Resistance got first discovery points for 9 tesserae, including the live drop worth 3 points, yielding 11 discovery points. The Enlightened got first discovery points for 3 tesserae.

Discovery: ENL +03RES +11

For placement, each faction can predict where a tessera belongs on the game board. In the case where both factions post the same prediction, the first faction to post the prediction is eligible for the placement point. The other faction may make an alternative prediction. If neither faction is correct, Nemesis gets 2 points. In this round, the Resistance got placement points for 10 tesserae, while the Enlightened got placement points for 2 tesserae. Nemesis got no points in this round.

Placement: ENL +02RES +10

So in this round the Resistance netted a whopping 21 points, to the Enlightened’s 5. At the end of Round 5, the score was:

Round 5 Final: NEM 044ENL 044RES 056

It’s still a very close game, and many points are still available for all 3 competitors in this challenge.


Detailed Scoring

Nagassa & OLW Transmission

Forum Link: Nagassa & OLW Transmission
Type of Drop: Global
Location: Global
First Discoverer: IkeVonHike
Placement Predictions: ENL – J06, RES – K06
Correct Placement: K06
Points assignment: ENL +1, RES +1

Who Killed Yuri Nagassa?

Forum Link: Who Killed Yuri Nagassa
Type of Drop: Targeted, single clue on forum
Location: Moscow, Russia
First Discoverer: KOTxBxMEIIIKE
Placement Predictions: RES – K05, ENL – J05
Correct Placement: K05
Points assignment: RES +2

Valley of the Dead

Forum Link: Valley of the Dead
Type of Drop: Targeted, single clue discovered off forum

Location: Chile
First Discoverer: andymon007
Placement Predictions: RES – K02, ENL – J03
Correct Placement: K02
Points assignment: RES +2

Devra Transmission

Forum Link: Devra Transmission
Type of Drop: Global
Location: Global
First Discoverer: ATR0P0S
Placement Predictions: RES – F06, ENL – F05
Correct Placement: F06
Points assignment: RES +1, ENL +1


Notes: This global drop introduced a twist – at least 80 agents had to post the media on the forum within an 8-hour period, or else not only would this media not count, but a chain of additional clues would not be released so other tesserae would not be unlocked. Fortunately agents met this goal with incredible speed.

Who Killed Devra Bogdanovich? [was: New Mystery Tessera]

Type of Drop: Targeted drop, clue released off-forum
Location: Taj Mahal, Agra, India
First Discoverer: AmitInAgra
Placement Predictions: ENL – F05, RES – H05
Correct Placement: F05
Points assignment: ENL +2

Notes: Due to protests in India, travel to Agra was not advised during this period. As a result, Resistance agents did not reach the portal for several days after the Enlightened agent first discovered the tessera. As a result, in a departure from the usual rules regarding placement predictions on targeted drops, the Enlightened discoverer was permitted to make a placement prediction first.

Who Killed Martin Schubert?

Type of Drop: Targeted, timed, 4 clues released in separate methods
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
First Discoverer: Annzlily
Placement Predictions: ENL – C04, RES – B04
Correct Placement: C04
Points assignment: ENL +1, RES +1

Notes: One of the clues was released as a global drop, two were released alongside other tesserae, and the final one was revealed through the tessellation board. Once all 4 were assembled, a location and time was determined, and both factions were present to hack at the precise moment the media went live.
Tagline: Yeah… well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Dalby Station

Forum Link: Dalby Station

Type of Drop: Global
Location: Global
First Discoverer: DoctorAtom
Placement Predictions: RES – M01, ENL – M02
Correct Placement: M01
Points assignment: RES +2


Notes: Extending the method we saw for the Devra Transmission global drop, this one required 240 agents to post the media within 8 hours to unlock clues for additional Tesserae. Once again the threshold was reached by agents in time, although not quite as rapidly.

Catalyst Archetype

Forum Link: Catalyst Archetype

Type of Drop: Targeted, clue released off-forum
Location: Washington, DC, USA
First Discoverer: vidicon
Placement Predictions: RES – B11, ENL – B12
Correct Placement:  B11
Points assignment: RES +2

Kureze on Multiverse

Forum Link: Kureze on Multiverse

Type of Drop: Targeted, clue released with other Tessera
Location: Boston, MA, USA
First Discoverer: RedRaine
Placement Predictions: RES – E00, ENL – E01
Correct Placement: E00
Points assignment: RES +2


Myriad Unmasked [was: Mystery Tessera]

Forum Link: Myriad Unmasked

Type of Drop: Targeted, clue released with other Tessera
Location: Berlin, Germany
First Discoverer: Zorig
Placement Predictions: RES – B12, ENL – B11
Correct Placement: B12
Points assignment: RES +2


Aurora [was: Mystery Tessera]

Forum Link: Aurora
Type of Drop: Live Drop
Location: Tokyo, Japan
First Discoverer: chiakeshi
Placement Predictions: RES – C11, ENL – C10
Correct Placement: C11
Points assignment: RES +4 (discovery worth 3 points)



Forum Link: Prime

Type of Drop: Global
Location: Global
First Discoverer: aaronvianno
Placement Predictions: RES – G04, ENL – G03
Correct Placement: G04
Points assignment: RES +2


Notes: Unlike the previous two global drops this round, regular discovery rules applied to this. 


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