May 18, 2024

Spring Ingress Event Update

Niantic has posted an update related to the events coming up:

  • April First Saturday events will be cancelled
  • The Lexicon Hexathlon originally scheduled for April 25 and the associated mission days will be postponed
  • The Requiem Anomaly in Munich originally scheduled for May 9 will be postponed, along with the European NL-1331X tour that followed.

The announcement originally included two additional tidbids, which have since been removed.

The first was regarding a power-up that would allow agents to earn double AP for 30 minutes (like a Lucky Egg in Pokemon Go or a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite).

The second was the next global challenge – Optima – which would have rewarded agents for completing missions, and come with the ability to deploy double level 7 and 8 resonators.

It is unclear whether we will see these at a later date, but it seems that the initial response from agents on the Optima challenge was that it was a bad idea to have this kind of event at this time.

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