May 18, 2024

Saturday Morning AMA

As a reminder, I am not the Niantic Global Community Manager. But with Andrew trying hard to get his Aurora Glyphing badge, I am picking up the slack. But let’s do this AMA thing anyway. Some reminders:

  1. Like the real GCM, I can’t help with individual situations, but unlike him, I can speculate wildly. I’m pretty sure the reason your friend was banned was because they saw a screenshot from IITC once. Hope that helps.
  2. Unlike the real GCM, I can’t go back and get answers from our product teams. So that frees me to just make stuff up. For example, the next version of Prime will have the ability to make fields look like bacon, but only if they originate from portals with a toast beacon.
  3. I can’t help bring an event to your town, but if you ask enough times I will gladly tell you that yes, the NL1331 van is coming to a Denny’s 30 miles east of Albuquerque.
  4. If you want actual answers, please go to Niantic’s official channels (the Ingress Support page or the official Community Forums or just rant on Reddit). 
Have fun, and even though I’m not actually the GCM, please follow Wheaton’s Law. Snarky is ok, abusive isn’t. I will delete abusive comments.

16 thoughts on “Saturday Morning AMA

  1. My child's account was banned after I transferred seven capsules of X8 to them. This is unfair. They are only six years old and have been playing since the first day.

  2. REDACTED sucks. My problem with Prime is that is awesome and a better interface. Unfortunately, I've been kicked out of my community for having this opinion. How can I hate Prime more. I also flipped my own faction's Portals so that may be why I was kicked out. But that is not relevant.

  3. The faction in my area uses a Portal at the city hall that anyone can access any time of day as an anchor Portal for fields. However, I can't attack it from my couch to take it down. I've submitted it to be removed but my request gets denied. Why?

  4. You should try asking for help in your local community. There may be various ways they can help, including taking down the portal when you can't leave the house, repeatedly submitting removal requests until one sticks, or helping you install Fortnite.

  5. I will answer with the lyrics from the song on the radio right now:

    Do you ever feel like a misfit?
    Everything inside you is dark and twisted
    Oh, but it's okay to be different
    'Cause baby, so am I (So am I, so am I, so am I)

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