April 12, 2024

7 Days of Year 7 Memories – Day 7: Anomalies

Today’s free giveaway is a Fracker, and those tend to get used a lot during anomalies. Besides, what good would a year of Ingress memories be without anomalies?

The first series in 2019 was Darsana Prime, held over 2 days:

Day 1 was February 23, taken by the Resistance. The Resistance won 6 points, from: Auckland, New Zealand; Pune, India; Lisbon, Portugal; Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; and 2 points from the global capture challenge. Enlightened won 5 points, from: Quezon City, Philippines; Athens, Greece; Genoa, Italy; Asuncion, Paraguay; and New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Day 2 was March 23, take by the Enlightened. Enlightened won 5 points, from: Tokyo, Japan; Nuremberg, Germany; Bristol, UK; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The Resistance won 2 points, 1 from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the other from the global capture challenge.

Next came Abaddon Prime, the mega-nomaly at the conclusion of the Osiris Sequence. This was held over 3 separate weekends in May, in one city at a time. Niantic hosted big parties and this attracted big crowds in each location. Special commemorative pins were given to agents in attendance at the after-parties, and agents were treated to lots of extra fanfare.

Day 1 was May 4 in Kaohusiung City, Taiwan (ENL win)
Day 2 was May 11 in Amsterdam, Netherlands (RES win)
Day 3 was May 25 in Chicago, Illinois, USA (RES win)

A special glyph sequence was introduced to mark this result, and agents still see this occasionally when glyphing a level-8 portal. And Resistance agents who participated in any anomaly in the Osiris sequence also got a special Osiris Badge.

But that wasn’t the end of anomalies for 2019. We’ve entered the Nemesis sequence, and the first 2 series of that sequence have been fought.

Myriad came first, held on July 27 in 8 cities. The Enlightened took the day, 5-3. The Enlightened took: Bandung, Indonesia; Busan, Korea; Kaunas, Lithuania; Lyon, France; and Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Resistance took: Helsinki, Finland; Brasilia, Brazil; and Madison Wisconsin, USA.

The final anomaly in year 7 was Umbra, held October 12. The Enlightened won the day 7-2. You can also read our detailed recap of this one, or go back and watch live coverage from The Portal Hunter Club. We named these sites based on the delicious food agents could find in the host cities.

Enlightened won:
* Shrimp-on-the-barbie-nomaly (New South Wales, Austraila)
* Shrimp-fried-rice-nomaly (Taoyuan, Taiwan)
* Chili-prawn-nomaly (Sabah, Malaysia)

* Moules-frites-nomaly (Antwerp, Belgium)
* Pizza-nomaly (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
* Taco-nomaly (Gudalajara, Mexico)
* Gluten-free-organic-non-GMO-vegan-avocado-nomaly (Sacramento, CA, USA)
While the Resistance won:
* Döner-kebab-nomaly (Dresden, Germany)
* Swedish-meatball-nomaly (Gothenberg, Sweden)

We have not yet learned when, where, or indeed whether there will be more anomalies in year 8, but we certainly hope there will be, and we plan to be there experiencing one of the most unique parts of Ingress.

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