July 15, 2024

7 Days of Year 7 Memories – Day 6: Aurora Glyph Challenge

Today’s giveaway in the Ingress store is hack mods, which makes us think of that challenge that made us keep hacking the same portals 3-5 times each – the Aurora Glyph Challenge.

Just as for Dark XM, we made an infographic and took to social media to try to encourage participation in the event. The gist was that agents would get a point for each glyph sequence length they successfully completed at each portal. So agents acting alone could get 3 points at each portal. Agents acting carefully in pairs could get 4 points at each portal. If one were very lucky or coordinated, 5 points at a portal was possible. So in this way, the challenge required fewer portals than the Myriad glyph challenge, but it required a higher intensity of effort.

As an aside, this challenge was very special to us, because this is when NotNianticLabs got its start. A certain agent started ribbing the actual Ingress Global Community Manager, RedSoloCup, about participating in this event. In response, RedSoloCup declared that in order to have time to glyph, that agent would take over the Community Manager during the event, and suggested the instigator could be reached at nottheingressgcm /at/ notnianticlabs.com. Although we are not that agent, we took that idea and ran with it. 
So by the time Aurora was over, and agents had for the first time failed at a global challenge set out for them, this site was up and running. We conjured our best parent vibe and announced that “Aurora is Very Disappointed in You.”

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