May 18, 2024

Baby Got BAF

I like big BAFs and I cannot lie
You other agents can’t deny
when a link comes in through an itty bitty lane
and a big triangle escapes…

Occasionally I want to take time to highlight some of the fielding efforts around the globe. This week, two sitreps stand out. The first is a Resistance field covering large portions of the US & Canada for over 1 billion MU. The second is an Enlightened field over central and southern India for 200 million MU. Great work agents!

Operation WeGotThis

Total MU: Over 1 billion (19 layers @ 55.6 Million)

Location: United States & Canada

Full sitrep: here

Operation Killshot

Total MU: 201 Million (6 layers @ 33.5 Million)

Location: India

Full Sitrep: here

Honorable mention goes to operation Tribute to Redacted in Malaysia (23 layers @ 5.3M per layer)

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